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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Right... Your boobs are real and you don't use coke.

No comment from the faggot gallery.

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Speaking of closet cases...

I can't believe that he is writing an autobiography.
I can't wait to hear about his links to Anne Heche aka Celestia and waking up in a child's bed.
I hope he finally comes out.
I have a feeling this story will be eerily similar to someone sharing their story at AA.
Loves it!

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Matthew McConaughey goes retarded.

Well that explains so much. I am still waiting to see him in the buff, passed out in front of a Dollar Car Rental. That would be tres hot.
BTW, he's such a fucking HOMO!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Is this a Marlboro Light or a Parliament?

La Lo mistakes this firework as a cigarette that has been dusted.
This shot taken moments before La Lo's sparkler set her extensions on fire. Her publicist states that she is in "serious, but stable condition".
Don't kids know that we don't fuck with fireworks?!?

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The Olsens and The Hansons Unite.

What's with Pocahontas?
Why do they smile like fish? Anyway, The Hanson brothers are a little young to be dating them, dont'cha think?
Thanks, I know they aren't The Hanson brothers.
Word to Uncle Jesse!


No, really K-Fed, the joke IS on you.

The freeloading loser stated that he released "PopoZao" so that people would think he has no talent. Hmmm. "That way, when I come out with my real shit, people are fucking blown away".
What a reject. No one will be blown anywhere.
My theory is that he was Brit's coke dealer and that's how this whole mess began. In a groggy downfall from coke. I hope she's happy.

Drugs are bad, mmmkay.


Who's boyfriend is this?

Oh, how I wish that I didn't have to work and that I could blog all day. I was so busy at work that I didn't even have time to add one post. So sad.
On to more important things...
This guy must be dating someone, but who? Paris, MK, WHO?!?
She only frolics with men who are already linked to other women! If anyone knows who is dating this man, please let me know.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shannen v. Star

Hmmm. This is an interesting quandary.
I hate Star "I married a 'mo" Jones-Reynolds and I love to hate Brenda Walsh!
I guess it doesn't really matter since I don't even watch The View.

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Is that a Champion sweatshirt???

Hold up - WTF happened?
At least she can sing.
But what happened? She used to have great fashion.


Sexy Back!

I do think he's sexy. But he should dump Cammie, she has horrible skin.

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Blatant Discrimination

New York Rules Against Gay Marriage

July 6, 2006 10:45 a.m. EST

Mary K. Brunskill - All Headline News Staff Writer

Albany, NY (AHN) - In a 4-2 decision, The New York Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that gay marriage is not permitted under state law.
The high court rejected arguments from gay and lesbian plaintiffs who said their constitutional rights were violated because they are not able to get marriage licenses in New York.
Plaintiff Kathy Burke of Schenectady told the AP, "It's a sad day for New York families. My family deserved the same protections as my next door neighbors." Burke is currently raising an 11-year-old son with her partner, Tonja Alvis.
Judge Robert Smith said any change in New York's marriage law should come from the state Legislature. He said the law is constitutional and explicitly limits marriage to between a man and a women.
Smith wrote, "We do not predict what people will think generations from now, but we believe the present generation should have a chance to decide the issue through its elected representatives."


WTF happened to Pirelli?

She is 71, why is she posing for The Pirelli Calendar?
I mean, she wears rose-tinted glasses.
I am scared for her, for Pirelli, and for those who buy the calendar.


Go away, please.

Janice Dickinson, now 120 years old, continues to try to hang on to that thread of celebrity that she once had. Those lips don't look as they they belong on her face - elsewhere on her body perhaps (turn your head sideways if you don't follow), but not her face. And notice, the right side of her face crumbling as she sadly attempts to utilize "the pouty look".


La Lo has new boobs!

Did La Lo give herself new boobs as her birthday present to herself?
Apparently so, as they were much smaller recently.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I hate you.

She disgusts me.
I want to puke now.

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Oy, the drama.

Will someone just be straight with me? Ha, that was funny... straight.
Are they engaged or not?
I'm not even sure why I give a fuck, but I kinda do.
I mean he's sexy, but talk about a major downgrade!

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What up Hotness?

This bitch is pushing 50! She is so amazing. Check out the token 'mo next to her!
Loves it!


Jake Celebrates Gay Pride with Bears on Bikes!

Oh Jake. WTF is that? He's still hot though. Interesting, isn't it?



Hilary's nipples say hi!

I don't wanna see those things. Ever.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Anorexic? Like I give a shit.

Somebody give this oily solid gold dancer a burger.

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I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Why Kelly, why?
Bitch needs to Breakaway from this outfit.


Madonna Sorry - Spoof

I wanted the real thing, but this has a few funny moments...



K-Fed searches for his weed, and his car, and his dignity.

Where is Perry?


Move over La Lo, hello La Bro

Uh, yeah. I guess she does have something to offer. Her hot brother. Too bad he's a child. I can't wait to jump out of his cake on his 18th!

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I love this girl, but...

At least it's after Memorial Day.

Bitch missed her brush.

What up with the crooked tee-tas?

Now, if you know that you gained weight in prison, why would you choose white as your coming out couture? Looks like me leaving rehab!

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Bobby Brown Gets Booed!

This headline is as surprising as "Bobby Brown gets arrested"

Whitney: The Crack Years.

I love what she's done with the place.


Monday, July 03, 2006

I've been pondering...

How cute.

Loves it!

Last night at the concert, Madge exclaimed 'Don't make me use the F word, because my daughter's in the audience!' And I began to wonder. How would I feel if Madonna were my parent? My immediate response is that it would rock. But would it really?
What are your thoughts?

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I LOVE Cocaine!

You don't have this addict fooled.
Underneath that thin veneer of a fake smile is a thought along the lines of "if they only knew how high I am".
Bitch we know - and we LOVE it!

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Why is this bitch famous?

Tara Reid wearing something hideous.

I'd rather see her deformed tit than look at that mess on her - it could give me a seizure.

So, she's famous and I'm not. I guess it does take fucking the right people and letting the right people do blow off your fake boobs to garner celebrity status.

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What is this about? Is this the incognito look so she can steal more shit?!?

Winona Ryder in a dress stolen from a homeless whore.

No, she wasn't outside a T.J. Maxx, she is on the set of her new film. Apparently, they are so nervous about having her in the film, in fear of bad reviews and low ticket sales, they have given her a wig so that moviegoers will not recognize who she is.



It's a new day and all you hatin' backstabbin' habitual haters, will be history!
My girl is out. Let's all raise a glass for the Queen.
How her hairs look so good after comin' out the slammer?
Fuck Foxxy Brown!

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D to tha Lish



Sunday, July 02, 2006


It was a spiritual experience!
Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if it is possible to top a show as good as that.
It didn't matter that it was like 8 Billion degrees in there.
Not only was the entire show amazing, there were oodles of gorgeous gay men - many were shirtless and in our section.
I have to say that she is amazing and I need to father one of her children.


Can we get together?

Okay, kids. Tonight is the night! Candice and I are headed down the street to MSG to see Lady M.
I can't wait. I will fill you all in on the details - ie. is there really no air conditioning?
Unlike the last time I had tix to one of her shows, I have yet to hear that she has canceled due to "illness". Of course as we know, she was later seen at a Louis Vuitton party.
She can use that whip on me anytime!


The Suri Conspiracy.

There is no baby fathered by Tom Cruise. Let's just peruse through the facts.
Marriage #1: Mimi Rogers - no kids.
Marriage #2: Nicole Kidman - 2 kids, both adopted.
He can't have children. A sad but true fact.
He's gay. He should just get over it - everyone else has.
Suri may be Katie's, but the father is someone else. If it weren't for those shots of her stretch marks, I'd be buying into the whole 'it's a pillow' thing.

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I am so over these two.

I don't drink, but you can't fuck with Cristal.
These two need to either get married or breakup.
BTW, Beyonce and her boobs are not 24. Bitch is like 32.
Why do bitches gotta lie about their age?

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I Am So Jealous!

Look at these skinny bitches. They have my summer body!
Okay, maybe they are too skinny - Nicole looks like some sort of amphibian creature.

Between these two, MK, and La Lo I am going to have a complex for life.

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La Lo

I can't believe that I haven't said boo about this one. She tries to look so innocent, but please. This girl, who I adore, is a ho!
She sleeps with everyone's man.
I mean, I don't judge people who do blow, but this bitch does some blow.
Just who does she think she is anyway, fighting with Diddy - it's like fighting with Wawa Walters - you're gonna lose, so don't even try.
Besides the fact that I couldn't get reservations at Butter, because of this one - Don't EVEN get me started.

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Why did I do that?!?

Just for the record, I want to note that I do dumb shit. Today is a good example of that.

I hate elves.


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