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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shakira Shakira!


Jessica Has Been Having Secret Affair With Her Token Gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Mr. Paves.
Obviously this isn't true, but she is that dumb!
Remember Platymapus?

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I really can't get enough!


Lil' Kim -

I can't wait until Monday!!!!!!!

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Do I have to explain?


I know it's old news, but I cant help myself.

There are no words for this.

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I am still upset over her death. Yes, I know it's been years, but you know I still miss her to pieces.
I just want to put my theory out there. BKA = Brandy killed Aaliyah.
I don't like Brandy - I liked that one song "What about us?"
She's a phony and I think that bitch took that plane down with a cell phone and some foil, or some shit.
I'm just saying, it's my theory - I may be way off, but it was a hunch that I have had since I heard about this horrible tragedy.
Don't hate, congratulate.

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Barbara Walters Says Star Jones Not Returning to

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Shall we go into it?

Bitch, you are not Demi. You're more airbrushed than them nameplates at the mall. Go back to Kentwood. And get a facial while you are at it.
Why did she do this - wasn't the interview with Matt Lauer bad enough?


I knew that she would come through

So, I've been slightly worried about my girl MK lately. But I am happy to report that she looks hot on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. I love seeing her without her fish-faced twin. Although, Ash isn't too bad either!

If only I could be that thin!

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Big Momma's comin home!

God Bless this beauty
I cannot wait until July 3rd. Fuck Independence Day - this should be a holiday!
She's so hot. As Candice and I have discussed - I need a way to become part of her entourage. I could be the gay token.
She's one of the only women that I'd have sex with.
Here's "the females I'd have sex with" list:
Lil' Kim
Drew Barrymore
Angelina Jolie (in a threesome with Brad)

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Where does one begin?

Lata, biznatch.

And then - there's this thing:

That shit is just wrong. He's gay.

Add that with the fact that she was the Payless spokeswoman. This bitch might as well pull a Britney.

I am so glad that she's gone. And I am so tired of all this who's the winner, who's the loser shit. Bitch is always gonna lose to Wawa Walters.

Bitch, please.

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I'm a hustla homie

So, this blog has been a long time coming. A long time. In fact before blogs existed, I thought to myself, I am a blog. I'd love to say that you can call me P-Shizzle, but that is too close to a certain Perezzle, and that would be a tremendous mistake, ezpecially since I plan on becoming a celebrity.

The name Notorious F.A.G. originated long before Will referred to Jack as this.

In fact, I took on the name as I am obsessed with the Notorious K.I.M. and have been since she wrote and rapped the wonderfully poetic "How Many Licks", with that homo Sisqo. WTF happened to him?

Oh, there he is?!?
Bitch is scary.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy all the delicious crap that I will be putting on this site. I love this filthy shit, so bear with me.

Peace bitches!

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