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Saturday, July 22, 2006


DiFranco announced she's pregnant while being honored for her contributions to the feminist movement at the National Organization for Women's 40th annual convention.
The 35-year-old singer said Friday July 21, 2006 she is due in February.
The baby's father, Mike Napolitano, produced her upcoming album "Reprieve."
Ani DiFranco announced she's pregnant while being honored for her contributions to the feminist movement at the National Organization for Women's 40th annual convention.
"NOW" presented DiFranco with the Woman of Courage award. Latifa Lyles, NOW's vice president of membership, presented the award and called DiFranco an inspiration, not only for her music but for her independent ideals. DiFranco founded her own record label, Righteous Babe, in 1990 after becoming frustrated with other music labels.Past recipients of the annual award include Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and playwright Eve Ensler.
Difranco, a Buffalo native, is the first musician to receive the honor.
"Reprieve," a collection of a dozen songs and spoken-word pieces, will be released next month. It will be Difranco's 18th full-length album since her debut was released in 1990.


Pharrell: You are so hot.


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Celebrity Death Match - Paris vs Nicole

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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Kelly Rowland PREGGERS!

Singer Kelly Rowland Announces Pregnancy
The former member of the best selling female group of all time has announced that she is pregnant. She was interviewed with AMG, and confirmed that she was indeed 2 months pregnant. Rumors have been circulating through the media about her being pregnant but was never confirmed until today. She says " It was definitely a surprise! Its kind of a bitter-sweet feeling because I was planning to release an album next year". She also told AMG that it will be pushed back to end of 2007, or beginning of 2008.
Keith Slogan - AMG (


And scene!

Tara, c'mon. Flashing the kids. Girl has hit rock fucking bottom.

Seriously though.

Pink needs some help folks. Check out that guy in the back that took too much Ritalin that day! And is that a homeless guy next to him???

Jamie Lynn's gonna fall like Brit did.

She's gonna do lots of coke, I can feel it.
Please, girl, please, don't become your sister...

Maybe I am the only one, but...

I am not digging this outfit that Janet has on. She's suckin that shit in too!

The Not So Fab Five.

I so wish it was Carson that had the pit stains. I hate him so much. He is the biggest asshole in person. His ego is huge. I mean, he's lower than a D-list celeb.
Jai, on the other hand, has been so sweet everytime I have seen him.
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm buddies with them, I bumped into them at gay bars back when I was drinking.

Does Kate Hudson have a son or a daughter?

I'm all for boys with long hair, but Ryder really looks like a chick.

Nicky Hilton is a dude.

Nicky is looking more and more like a drag queen. The shots of her lately have been horrible.
Does anyone see an adam's apple?

Friday, July 21, 2006

I hear that she is a total BITCH.

And I am starting to believe it. I don't think I like her too much. That's why I chose this heinous pic.

Again, an annoying ho with a hot man.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Who needs to be bulimic when I can just look at these pics of this hideous heifer and puke. She needs to wear a one piece. Actually, bitch should be banned from wearing a bathingsuit all season.


So take a shit and let it go. GOD!!!!
I have nothing to say about her lip-synching ass.
I love the new nose. It's hot.

Who's ass is on Fergie's head.

Bitch is still using meth. WTF is going on here? First she pisses on herself, then this. And to think she's with Josh Duhamel. How the fuck does that happen?

This bitch WILL cut you.

Damn, she needs to stop getting arrested. She be cuttin bitches left and right.
Note to self: Stay the fuck away from a hungry bitch named Naomi.

Me no likey.

Kirstin Dunst. I loved her in Drop Dead Gorgeous, but she needs some help. She is well below Hollywood standards. And she ended a relationship with Jake. What is she retarded?

Ewww, gurl, pull it together.

This is heartbraking. And wrong. Very wrong.

Mrs. Bratman.

Bitch is still dirrrrrty.

But his name is sooooooooooo gay!

OMG, he is delish.
Boom, boom, boom let's go back to my room, so we can do it all night, Channing can make me feel right...
GD, he's fine.

La Lo to beat a couple paparazzi's asses.

WTF is she wearing? Is that Peter Pan top?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do people really believe that she got sober?

I don't. She's all a mess.

Perry looks a little different these days.

Britney Spears, seen here, is yelling at K-Fed for forcing her to fire Perry. He hired this ugly loser, who can probably rap better than him.
Popo Zao was just a joke.
Popo Zao for life.

Bitch, eat a burger.

Love her, but not surprised that she fainted while shopping at Kitson. She hasn't eaten since 2004. What do you expect?

I am so hot for J Timba.


So, if she's a Scientologist, does that make her a lesbo?

HELLO?!? She didn't see any fucking Suri - Suri doesn't exist. She is a crazy devout Scientologist, sticking up for other crazies.
I don't believe a word of it.

I see vodka bottles.

So he just lost control of the car? Hmmm.

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Greasy Cleavage.

Not a big fan of her cleavage in this shot. Wait, I'm a fag, I'm never a big fan of any cleavage. Bitch, rub some Proactiv on that shit.


Hideous trainwreck.

Bitch needs a complete overhaul.
What the fuck is that buttcrack doing in the center of her chest? It's not right.


Hey bitch.

I piss my pants almost everytime I hear her saying "hey bitch" to those married chicks on her show.
Urinating down my leg is hot. Especially in public.

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These bitches are FIERCE!

MK (my main bitch is on top)
Fishlips Ash is down below.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Does this mic make my ass look fat?

He is so hot. I am pretty sure, actually positive, that I need to sleep with him. Stat, as my gurl A.C. would say.

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Seriously, this bitch is nuts. WTF?!? I still hate her & I didn't buy a word of her book.
Bitch is crazy. Keep her away from knives and lesbians.

Check out Mrs. Bratman's titties!

As if we've never seen 'em before. I hate tits, I have no idea why I keep posting them. Let's see some dudes missing some clothes...

So, I don't even know this bitches name...

... But every time I see her face, I want to punch her. HARD.

Colossal Joke.

Are you fucking kidding me?
What the Duff is going on here?

Manorexia: Not Hot.

His eyes look like they are popping out of his head.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When bad PR really is BAD PR.

I don't think that she will ever get it.

Trailer Trash Nuptials.

Why Pam, why? You were once with Marcus Schenkenberg.
Did she get some H. Duff horse teeth?

Who is the bigger baby?

I cannot believe that this moron was elected twice.

"Oh fuck, I just dropped my bag of coke"


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Monday, July 17, 2006

Lesbian Lovas!

Deny it all you want Harpo, but I just don't buy it. You two are together and that is why Stedman sleeps in a separate bedroom.

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Suri's stroller my ass.

That's a fucking prop people. Don't fall for this shit.

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