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Friday, November 10, 2006

Say Goodnight.

I've just spent the past week having a major debate.
But let me first say the Feminem haters need to pull your shit together. Fem was great while I was gone and I am disappointed that so many of my readers were so mean.
In any case, I've had enough. I loved blogging, it was fun, but it's time for me to say b'bye. I won't remove the page, so people with abandonment issues can come back and visit, but this shall be my last post.
The blog grew quickly and I was so excited, but for what?
I have a real career and a real life and I am tired of doing this. I am tired of hating on people. I am tired of hating.
Although I never had the opportunity of meeting Lil' Kim through this blog, maybe I will meet her now that I am freeing up some of my life.
Most of my close friends aren't even aware of this decision, but I am positive that it's time. Should I ever have the opportunity to have ample free time, I will return. However, I don't see that in my near future.
I am happy that I made so many people laugh because of this page. I love being the center of attention and this was a great way to exercise that.
I wish everyone the very best and I can only hope that my faithful readers will wish me the same.
Peace, love, and masturbation,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who the hell is Katt Williams...

Williams was arrested when they found a hand gun in his suitcase at the airport.
Are you fucking retarded.... I can't even bring my monistat-7 and you're toting a gun?
I suppose if no one knew or cared who I was either, I'd plant a gun too....
Bad publicity is STILL publicity.
Color me surprised kids.


Hi, My name is Lindsay L

So if they hand out poker chips at AA meetings, what do they hand out at Gambler's Anonymous meetings?........
Dime bags?
Just wish this chip was for her:)


Pre-nup Payout...

'Bout Time... These two both need to go away- NOW!

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Upon her Emmy nomination for her small role in the TV movie "Mrs. Harris," Ellen Burstyn said "I thought it was fabulous, My next ambition is to get nominated for seven seconds, and, ultimately, I want to be nominated for a picture in which I don't even appear."
What a fuckin' ingrateful bitch.... I'm so over celebs and their award-show-drama.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jewish Stevie Nicks....

On her latest stop on her "Annual Farewell Concert Tour," no one showed up....
She still sang- They just put a big mirror in front of her.....


We're Cuntry!

So she looks good again, big fucking deal...
New Hair, New Dress, but ya still can't do anything about those "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome" eyes hon. Thanks Mom!


People, are you blind?

P.S. I thought he came out like 3 years ago.

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Ok, not so into him, but Jenny McCarthy is gorgeous, funny and REAL.... props girl!
I'd definitely fuck her:)

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I guess it was "Bring an awtistic girl to the game" night..... whats up with that?
Ditch the bitch and make the switch Tobes!


And the award for biggest bitch......

So Faith shows her true colors, in an ego-inflated-rage-filled-outburst that signals the down fall of award shows as we know them....
If I could have a hate prom Faith would be the queen and Kanye would be the king!

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Luv me some Carrie Underwood! AMAZING...... She completely deserved "Female Vocalist of the Year," I'm listening to her album right now.....
Fuck You Faith!


Um, Mr. President.....

President bush seen here, exercising his constituional right to vote.
Unfortunately, when Bush couldn't find his party candidates listed, the first lady interrupted by saying "um, Honey, thats a Dr. Pepper vending machine, just follow the sign with the big red arrow..... good boy!"


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gay of the Day!

I love Bruce Vilanch!

Scar Jo......

Why is this female famous?


Pull my finger....

I made a stinky...... it was good.


This week on Judge Oprah...

I love me some Oprah....
I mean, I watched all 6 dvd's of that 20 year anniversary box set,
but when did she get appointed God.
"Tell them, Tell them how you killed your baby!"
"Tell them now, What's my name, bitch?"


Hollywood walk of undeserved fame.....

Ryan Seacrest FINALLY gets a star.
Geezus, what does a person have to do to get some recognition these days, god.
Times are hard, so the only celeb who they could afford to present the star was
Mr. Burns from the Simpson's



This is what Halloween is all about....Clever, Timely & self explanatory...
Bill Maher for President!

Twilight Zone...

Dude, hit that shit while it lasts,
'cause pretty soon you're gonna wake up from that dream!
(Or the roofies are gonna wear off, whichever comes first)

Just bad PR decision making....

My Pussy is so warm and fuzzy..... it tickles.. he he he!
Oh, and isn't this kitty cat pretty too!


Re-hab,Schmee- Hab...

The career that coke built...

Character research.....

Lohan spotted while rehearsing for her role in the upcoming blockbuster "Helen Keller: Redux"

Don't touch my "faggot".....

God, if I were making a $100,000.00 a week,
I'd stand where they tell me to & shut the fuck up!

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