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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mary-Kate Olsen is the New Black.

Say what you want, I fucking LOVE her! I always knew she would be the mess of the two - and it's great. She is fucking fierce.
And if someone won't introduce me to Lil' Kim, she's next on my list.
Love to all my viewers - click on the ads (all you gotta do is click) to help me pay my baby mama.

And This is Why I Love Lady Bunny.

I got this from her site,
Look kids, it's Ronald McDonna.
Strike a pose there's nothing to it.

Mischa Farton and the Loser in Public.

Nice dress you moron.

What's in a Name?

They actually look good here, but why Danity motherfucking Kane? Who the fuck came up with that and why did Diddy allow it?

Bai Ling Sucks.

She never did nuttin' to me, but I hate this whore. She licked a bottle of booze for the camera, so nouveau riche it hurts.

Ice Cream & Shopping for Stipe & Douglas.

You know what comes next... babies.
Look at Stipe giving such amazing head to that ice cream cone. You go gurl.

Which one is the top?

Lance and his boy toy, Reichen, volunteer at an AIDS camp, which is faboo. However, my thoughts are more about them in the sack. Who's the pitcher, who's the catcher?
Post a comment to let me know what you think.

She looks busted in the morning, busted in the evening, busted at suppertime.

Kiki Dunst is scary spice gross. I think her acting is okay, but in the looks department, bitch is narsty.

Gay of the Day!

My favorite trash collector/cokehead, Boy George.

Be-snatch-ce Betta Watch Out.

Cuz, Rhianna' on the scene and the word on the street is that she is sleeping with the Jigga Man.

Rosie McGowan has Joined the Ranks of the Anno Girls of Hollywood.

Go tanning and eat some Popeye's girl.

Did I mention I'm on myspace?

Soliciting Your Thoughts.

I love this site and it's kind of an addiction for me. However, I need feedback. What do you like? What are you bored of? What do you want to see more of?
I'm here to please the masses, I do enough of pleasing myself. Huh-huh.
Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.
I have to stop posting for the night, I am fucking exhausted.
Wet dreams to all...
xo, N-fag.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Man Hilton Introduces His New Hotel, Nicky O.

Nicky would be short for Nicholas.

Tara Reid is Beyond Help.

I got these pics from
This bitch is busted beyond repair at this point.

Gay of the Day!

Ricky Martin.

Doesn't He Get That The Joke IS On Him?

He doesn't need to do things to make it worse.

Keira Knightley Needs A Plate of Pasta.

Bitch eat something, anorexia is so played out right now. Find a therapist, address the control issues, let it go.
And PS, your boyfriend is skerry.

Demi Moore & La Lo Blow Together.

Demi, you are too old to be doing coke with La Lo, especially when it's at your daughter's 18th birthday party.
It's just wrong.

Kate Hudson Has Disappointed Me Thrice.

1. Her son needs a haircut
2. She left Chris Robinson
3. She's dating Owen Wilson, aka Roadkill.

I Find it Very Sad that Francis Bean has to Parent Her Mama.

Girl, talk about a parentified child. She dresses more appropriately and she speaks more eloquently. And btw, she hasn't hit the needle...yet.

Sometimes I think Ben Affleck May Be A Little Retarded.

I mean there's nothing wrong with being retarded, but I'm just saying...

Anne Hathaway Fucks Her Man in Public!!!!

I always knew she was just a filthy slut waiting to break out.

I Heart Drew Barrymore.

When I was little, I always wanted to be Drew Barrymore. I was so infatuated with her crazy drug addled childhood. I wanted that.
I did that.... and now I'm sober, end of story.

Pew! Who Ordered the Cod & Cottage Cheese?

Be-snatch-ce, 75, shows her dirty coot on stage. Bitch is skerrrd since Rhianna's on the scene and everyone knows that Jigga man's gonna switch up the ladies soon. Bitch better get preggers or some shit to keep him around.

Kanye and His Beard Hit The Streets.

Kanye, watch out, she look like a gold diggin' beard to me.

N-Fag's To Do List: Channing Tatum.

I'll Pay for Play Motherfucker. I've done it before and I'll do it again... with you!

Holy Fierceness!

She is so fucking hot. I think I like her a little too much. She's just so mysterious, it's like you never know where the fuck she'll jump out and scream 'boo, bitches'.

Who is More Emaciated, Kate Bosworth or Her Dog?

Bitch, I know that you clearly have control issues and you feel the need to starve yourself, but don't fuck with your dog.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lesbian Nipple Alert!!!

Penelope Cruz slips a nip. And it made me sick, so I had to post it. Some boobs I like, others I loathe. This would be the latter.

So Was She passed Out While The K-Fed Pumped Her?

This picture from People Magazine, which I got from shows a quote from Trashney stating that 'it just kind of happened'. Bitch, was you not there when you got fucked? Give me a break you loser. Again, her image is not improving. Everytime that she speaks, something stupider (I know) comes out.

Suri Say What?

Brainwashed Holmes was let out of the house to go shopping at Barney's. Tom's people thought it would be a good idea for her to be seen to downplay his insane controlling ways. But where is Suri?

Kristin Cavallari is a Day Late & a Dollar Short With Her New Accessory.

Bitch is so lame. Didn't she get the memo? Dogs are not the hot new accessory, babies are. Dumb slut.

Gay of the Day!

Big Gay Al Reynolds.

What's Up SPF?

Is there something wrong with Trashney's son?
Besides the fact that he is one of the worst dressed babies in LA LA Land.

Is This Bitch High & Paranoid?

Mary-Kate, you are my girl.... What's going on?
Did I mention the relapse dream that I had where I smoked crack with MK and we were really mean to Ashley?
I've never even smoked crack, but in this dream we smoked the crack together at some beach house. It was hot.

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