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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Run In With Mischa!

Well, not really. While I was enjoying a delish brunch at Benny's Burrito's inside with two friends, Mischa, her dog, and two guys sat outside!
This is where my concern comes in. She is fucking gorgeous first of all. Flawless in person and SUPER SUPER SUPER skinny. So why then do we have to be exposed to her cottage cheese thighs? Unfortch, she was wearing pants so I couldn't have the luxury of seeing the cottage cheese in person!
I mean, she just needs to hop on the stairmaster, like once, for about a minute and she could burn it off!
Why Mischa, WHY??????

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Anonymous lisalisa said...

you see, even when you only weigh 100 pounds you can still have an out of shape body, its all about stayin TONED and not icky skinny!!

2:07 PM  

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