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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nicole Continues To Use Bags of Food As Paparazzi Props.

That bag actually contains her morning vomit.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

Oh, I'm going to be laughing over this for the rest of the day...sick, yes, but for some reason it strikes me as very funny at the same time!

I know that we shouldn't be entertained by someone else's problem (the bitch is obviously anorexic and going to end up dead soon if she doesn't get some serious help), but it's so fucking funny to me that just about every time you see a picture of her, she's holding some big-ass sandwich or something, and she always seems to be getting reading to chow down, mouth open and all, but then you don't really ever see her eating it. And always with the damn to-go bags, isn't she??

Who is it that keeps telling her to do these things? Do they think that if they have her pretend to eat and eat and eat 24/7 then no one will notice the fact that she keeps looking more and more like a skeleton every time she's photographed?

Seriously, I hope someone actually gives a shit about this girl and FORCES her to get into a hospital for help before she dies.

Notorious, you are AWESOME!!!! You crack me up and I love your blogsā€¦

2:36 PM  

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