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Monday, September 11, 2006

Nicole Pulls Another Paparazzi Hail Mary.

Going to a doctor's office to fool people into thinking that she's being treated for her delicate condition.
I don't even know what a hail mary is - I know it has something to do with a sport that involves a ball. Maximo (my breeding blogger bud), is this the proper usage of the term?

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Blogger Maximo said...

uhhh... probably not. i will guess you mean to say an "end-around".

a "hail mary" is a spectacular but desperate effort that probably won't succeed. (basically, you can only pray it works. "pray"... "hail mary"... get it? a-har-dee-har-har-har.) n.b.: it must be a spectacular effort.

but you should totally get into football. there are all kinds of "backs"; there are "tight ends"; there are "receivers"; &c. if you break into the "pocket", you might be able to "sack" the quarter "back". "holes" get "plugged". "backs" get "stuffed". if you're quick, you can "get a hand on it". if i didn't know better (and i don't), i'd say it's the gayest sport there is.

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Anonymous Joy said...


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